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  • Michael Clarke

Why is international expansion administration complex, I only want to sell my products?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

International expansion remains complex operationally, but at the core of this and where it starts and finishes is payroll administration. Rules, regulations, what is filed and when are all about organisational process, timing and efficiency. Local expertise has to be used.

Adding in the novelties of GDPR and its national flavour variations with all round general compliance programmes and suddenly the raison d’etre for an expansion is lost against back office activity, not least when perhaps more expensive business development professionals are wasting their time doing all of this and not out there talking to customers and prospects.

Do bear in mind, although payroll isn’t rocket science - an employee earns money and is paid, payroll tax rules and employment contracts are different in every country. Never engage an employee unless under a contract sanctioned by a lawyer from that jurisdiction, and never use an employment lawyer not recommend from a payroll provider as the two functions need to operate in a synchronised manner for the sake of efficacy.

Michael Clarke


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