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employee contracts

Having recruited your employee or if they are being transferred from the US they will require an employment contract.


Typically UK based personnel are engaged as employees versus contractors/consultant status. There are various dangers of engaging people as contractors/consultants with the most high profile problem being subject to legislation known as IR35 which rules that in most cases personnel are substantively employees with full HR rights. There are onerous tax consequences of IR35 rulings on employer and employee alike.


V-Sub Accounting can assist on a full legally compliant employment contract and with addendums to ensure on-going compliance as legislation changes. V-Sub Accounting can advise on a range of HR issues from drafting T&C’s to considerations of recruitment and retention. Careful thought should be given to not just salary and OTE levels but also comparable health and other benefits to ensure offers are competitive.


Contracts should always be written with consideration given to future potential disciplinary and dismissal procedures being built in. In short summary statutory minimums will apply irrespective of any wording included to give employers advantages that the law does not allow, it’s far more efficient in practice to have everything correctly worded from day one.

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