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Sales Operations

Companies looking to expand their sales operation into a different geographic region typically ask the same questions.
V-Sub has been running outsourced operations for over 10 years and we know the answers to these questions.

How do we recruit high quality resources?

Our extensive recruitment network will ensure that all the resources will have the relevant domain knowledge combined with the required experience to perform against the pre-agreed plan.


How do I manage my resources?

​V-Sub's management team have been running organisations and managing resources for more than 50 years. Our proven methodologies ensure a seamless interface with your management team in the USA to ensure that the milestones are achieved and the plan kept current.


Where is the best location for my resources?​​

Our offices in London provide an excellent working environment with easy access to all the main travel routes and only 10 minutes from Heathrow Airport.

What are my options regarding how much or how little V-Sub involvement we will need?

​We can run the whole outsource sales operation or just supplement your existing operation (i.e. trying a new approach without disturbing your existing set up or testing the market with a new product release).


How can we ensure immediate traction?

​V-Sub will work with your company to ensure that any domestic marketing programmes or sales initiatives can be easily replicated over here in EMEA via our dynamic marketing and data offering, V-Sub Marketing.

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