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  • Michael Clarke

International PEO as a tool for international growth

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Swift Market Entry Results in Faster International Growth Aiming to establish a legitimate authority in another country may not only be a costly process, but also time consuming when using a subsidiary that is overseas. It can aid your organisation to establish a full commitment in country as you gain confidence from the regional market, although this does carry some risks. Firstly, deciding to move into the marketplace utilising an overseas subsidiary means that you are obligated to comply with all tax, accounting and legal operations. Secondly, you are committed to spending much time and money, involving an average four month set up time. Although, if you decide to select an alternative method to international growth, i.e. a PEO, you are likely to conserve a considerable amount of time and money. Resulting from this would be a quicker entry to the market, meaning that more time is available for you to execute your business strategy.

Compliance with an international PEO Something to consider upon expanding into foreign markets is that an organisation must appreciate the procedures put in place by foreign labour laws. For international growth to be sustained, two key functions are relied on- namely localisation and international marketing- and the most successful companies focus on these areas, often utilising a PEO to manage this. Compliance should be navigated by an expert in the field; there is no need to take this on alone when you can make use of experienced teams that can aid international growth.

Benefits of a partner in the country Organisations that perform effectively abroad usually have a member of their team that is either from the country that is being targeted or has hands on experience working in that marketplace. These global partners can make a substantial difference to business success. To put this into context, multinational organisations such as Google and Microsoft have these foreign nationals in order to aid them in navigating the international corporate environment. Building partnerships walks hand in hand with successful international growth; V-Sub can help your organisation commence its fruitful journey towards international expansion.

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